The DBA Waterways Guide holds information about moorings and other features on the canals and rivers of Europe.  

Each mooring has a description and details of charges and facilities available, at the mooring, nearby amenities and can be plotted on the map.   Hazards and other information can also be entered.

The content of the Guide is entirely  from members on the spot.   If you visit a mooring that has changed, please correct the entry to how it should appear, deleting any wrong information.  The editor will check all the changes against the old entry.

If you find a mooring hasn't changed and hasn't been updated for a year or more, please  update it, adding yourself as a contributor.  

If you find a new mooring,  add a new entry.  Select a Country,  and Waterway, then click the 'Add a new Mooring' button. You can add a new Waterway if you need to.

To the Guide

As soon as you submit an update the Guide Editor will be sent details of the changes to check for clarity and consistency.  When the editor has checked and approved the update, you will be sent email confirmation that it has been incorporated into the guide.  This may take a few minutes or a couple of days if the editor is off-duty!   If your changes don't appear, contact the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A waterway can be downloaded as a PDF to use offline or as a KML file to use with or Google Earth. These soon become out of date, so please download the latest regularly. Don't use last year's download in a new season!

The DBA Waterways Guide des not normally include marinas restricted to boats under 15m as these are catered for in detail in the ANWB Almanak 2 (NL and BE), The Waterkaarten App, and the ''River Tourism in Wallonia' guide (BE, Wallonia), et al.

History:  The Guide started in 1998, compiled by the then Chairman's wife, Jane Bradshaw, on paper. Around 2008 it was digitised under the editorship of member Bill Jaques. Pete Milne took over the job in 2012. 

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