The DBA Shop

 The DBA Shop sells a small range of DBA products, notably the DBA Burgee and the Barge Buyers Handbook

 We have a catalogue of useful publications, with suggested suppliers.


The shop sells:


  • The Barge Buyers Handbook - written by DBA members to provide a first-step guide to buying a barge.

    The question DBA is most often asked is "How should I go about buying a barge?"  Most of the common questions all newcomers ask are answered by The BBH


  • DBA flags and pennants, with the winch wheel logo, for members only.

We accept credit cardspayment cards and Paypal.                    


Purchases from the Shop are subject to the DBA Shop Trading terms.                 

barge buyers handbook

 Contact: - Caroline Soper,  +44 (0) 303 666 0636 or