Membership Benefits

  • Membership of the DBA is open to anyone from anywhere in the world who is a barge owner, a barge dreamer or just interested in barges.

Joining & Subscriptions

DBA Membership offers you:

  •  Blue Flag:  DBA's full colour magazine, sent to members every other month.  Back copies of every edition are available for download.
  •  Events:  Rallies and social occasions are held throughout the year.
  •  The Forum:  Discussion between members accessible either online or by email.
  •  DBA Facebook Group: for social interaction between members
  •  Waterways Guide:  Information from members about moorings and services on the waterways.
  •  Knowledgebase: A compendium of information from members via Blue Flag, the Forum and other research.
  •  DBA Shop: Barge Buyers Handbook and Burgees.
  • Members Discounts: Various suppliers have agreed to give discounts to DBA members.

Here are a few other reasons to join us if you have a barge, dream of a life afloat  - or are just interested:

  •   - Our club is around 1700 strong with members from all over the world cruising and living on their barges in the UK and in Mainland Europe, sharing knowledge and information.
  • Join DBA and tap into a huge amount of accumulated knowledge and wisdom about barges and barging.
  • Join DBA and become part of an international barging community.
  • Join DBA and fast forward to find your barge and all the practical information you will need to fulfil your dream.
  • Join DBA and know that your club is looking after your barging interests whether you just want to live quietly on board up a backwater or plan to cruise the length and breadth of Europe.
  • Join DBA and gain access to a data-base where cruising members share detailed information about good moorings both long and short-term.
  • Join DBA and receive our award-winning magazine 6 times a year.
  •  You don’t have to be ‘clubby‘ to join our club. Barging get-togethers are regularly organised in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands but if you just want the knowledge without the mateyness that’s fine by us.   If you do feel like socialising, via our website or in person at an event, there are several hundred new friends out there who will be happy to meet you and answer all your barging questions.


Joining & Subscriptions