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The DBA Knowledgebase is built up from comments by members in the Forum and by articles written by members after researching the topic, perhaps initially just for themselves.  If you can contribute, send something to the KB Editor.

Each page is drafted by a member, and then reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Of course, this doesn't mean that they are guaranteed to be correct, but they do at least reflect the experience and opinions of a broad cross-section of the barging community. Corrections and updates are always welcome through the comments section at the end of each article. 


Articles do not write themselves, so if you feel you can contribute one, please do.  Help is particularly needed to scan the Forum to compile an article.  Contributions do not have to be beautiful - If you are researching a topic for yourself, send your notes to the KB Editor who will review and format it for publication.

Browsing and searching the Knowledgebase is reserved for DBA members except for the section on 'Buying a Barge'. Prospective barge buyers will also find answers to many questions in our Barge Buyers Handbook, on sale in the DBA shop.

To search the Knowledgebase, enter a word or phrase, e.g. rust treatment, in the search-box below (or at the top of the screen).  A single word, like 'rust' will normally find too many results to be useful.  Click the Search (or Go) button and the entire web site will be scanned - including all the copies of Blue Flag in the library (titled 'BFxx'), so you will probably see far more results than you want! To refine the search

1) Consider your search phrase and use the 'Search For' options

2) Under 'Search Only', tick the boxes by 'Articles' and 'Kunena Forum', then click on the Search button again.  This will search only the web pages ('articles') and Forum posts

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